WordPress freelancer for hire

You can hire me for freelance work. I have more than 20 years of experience in web development (more details on my LinkedIn profile), mainly for working as an employee. Since 2020 I have worked for my own company, Tammersoft.

As a general note: the work I do is mainly technical work. So for building a whole site, there’s a separate need for the layout to be made by a designer.

What I could do for you:

  • Building a WordPress site using a custom theme, based on a specific layout
    • Simple site, 10+ hours of work
    • More advanced site with custom post types and more variable content in general (30+ hours)
    • WooCommerce store (50+ hours)
  • Improvement of your current WordPress site:
    • building a custom plugin for a specific need
    • SEO-related technical work, i.e. based on a Google PageSpeed Insights report
    • speed optimization in general
    • changing themes
    • installing/updating plugins
    • solving email deliverability related issues
    • moving the site to a better performing hosting environment
    • consulting of any kind, fixing issues etc.

My hourly rate for WordPress and WooCommerce related work is 49 € + VAT (or $59) .

If you prefer a fixed price for any kind of work, I’m happy to give you an offer.

The work will be made 100% by me personally. I’ll give a guarantee for the work and provide any necessary support afterwards.

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